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First: I know that the WM6 custom roms flying around here, aren't final.
Some of them seem to be stable, some of them are unstable as hell... Might also be my phone, but if there are roms running fine (the more or less) it tend to say, the roms not running fine are unstable.

As I got my Hermes, I instantly went to this forum, as i knew it before and it helped me deciding wich phone to buy

I flashed LVSW after 4days owning the phone. In the beginning, LVSW was running fine, but from day to day, i uncovered some problems, issues and stability minors...

I switched to Shap's, Sleuth, Faria, Black (Shadow/Majik)...
In fact I tried some roms, and none of them was as good as the stock WM5.
But the stock ROM, has been infiltrated by T-Mobile (as this is my operator), and tmobile liked to install pretty much crap, starting with the ugly theme

So this isn't an option anyway. I tried softresetting before ExtROM-Install, but now the system is slightly unstable too.
i.e.: Sometimes i want to open a SMS from he Messaging-App, and my scrolbar begins to go crazy, and the SMS will not show up.only way to fix: softreset.
6.7.07 12:55

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